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The Importance of biomass energy

Because of scrace ressources and the climate crisis, biomass energy gets more important fastly. When looking for a sound partner for Biomass Heating Plants and Pellet Production Plants, Rinke Engineering is the best choice for planing and project management!

Logs for Biomass

The history of bioenergy

Biomass energy/bioenergy is the basis of human beings for millions of years. In the past the efficiency to use biomass energy was very low (10-15% on a fireplace). The development of human being was also under pressure in the beginning using only bioenergy as a fuel source. The development to a modern way of living changed with the industrial revolution starting approximately 250 years ago. This revolution was based on the use of nonrenewable fuels and is therefore ending latest when these sources are petering out.

During the time of industrial evolution, we learned from this sources that even nonrenewable fuels need to be used in the most efficient way to be used in an economic way.  Also, renewable energy can now be used in a much more efficient way (85-105% in a combined heat and power plant) and therefore also our way of life is more efficient than it was before the industrial revolution. Taking this as given we see, that also the biomass energy can be used much more efficient in these days and bioenergy is therefore one of the most important energy sources for human being. As we learned that the sun is the biggest renewable energy source on earth, we also see that wind and solar will support the need for renewable energy in the future also. Biomass energy or bioenergy will be a major energy source and feedstock source for renewable energy and products. If we are going to integrate all those knowledges around bioenergy into our conversion and living processes, we will change our living to a sustainable way of life but with much more luxury.

The omnipresence of bioenergy

Looking onto our planet we see that the most parts on earth where human being is concentrated is green. The biomass we are using is providing the color to the picture of our planet. As biomass is a huge variety of species the green comes from food crops, feed crops, forest, and plants in our surrounding environment beside National Park’s or other areas humans like to protect. Accepting that the use of biomass in general is a part of using renewable energies and doing this in a CO2 neutral way, we see that biomass is nearly everywhere, sustainable, renewable. In the future we need to learn how to use all the different species of biomass to extend our energy source and integrate in the biomass circle and in our way of life. The omnipresents of biomass is given and it is on us to use it.

The sustainability of bioenergy

Residential biomass waste is already used as energy source or as a product recycle source. Both ways of using biomass is sustainable. The use of biomass residuals from other processes are under strong development in the most countries of the world. The pellet industry starts its business using only residue sources. This development is still ongoing but also the use of cost-effective biomass from other forest sources like plantation wood or thinning’s is developing rapidly. It really does not matter how wide you see your biomass cycle and what kind of use for the biomass resource you are doing in the first step. If a tree for example is suitable to cut lumber, the residues from this process can still be used in a particleboard plant or directly in a pellet production plant. Even the wood which goes to this particleboard plant is a part of a sustainable circle which biomass goes always. At the end of the use of this particle board the energy recovered in this wood can still be used in a power plant. Therefore, the circle of all biomass collecting CO2 and capturing energy, always ends with the release of the energy and the release of CO2. This sustainable and renewable circle will always ongoing. It is on us to be a part of this circle and use the existing energy for our way of life.

The potential of bioenergy

Bioenergy Production

Biomasses exists everywhere and the cost for the biomass in different parts of the earth is nearly the same. Using all that biomass comes with the cost of doing so. Therefore, we see that the use of biomass is only done if it is beneficial for the given local cost circumstances. As we are still in the nonrenewable century, we always compare energy costs with the cost of nonrenewable fuels. A price of our environment does not exist and the cost of the CO2, we’re producing from nonrenewable sources are still far too low. This circumstances  prevent to push the biomass use to its potential, the use of biomass in the described efficient way it’s just in the beginning. The potential of biomass is not questionable, the cost of biomass is a question we must answer. If you compare the cost of destroying our environment and heating up our planet with nonrenewable fuels with the cost of healing this, we are probably almost in the cheaper area using bioenergy in different ways. But heating up the planet is not done by the same party paying for the healing of the man-made disaster. Pellet industry is only a start of the raw material base we are using in the future. We see different ways of potential bioenergy sources and also many ways of producing different fuels from heating your home and fueling your aircraft.


Biomass is everywhere! Look outside and get an idea of using it for a special product or energy source to the existing circle of CO2 and lower the pressure on our climate! Talking about efficiency will be the key player of finding the best home for the high-quality industrial pellets and biomass in total for all uses. All renewable energy sources will need to find best efficient use to be used is a long run.

Explaining all this to you gives you a small overview about the key points of using bioenergy and explained hopefully the advantages of bioenergy and biomass energy to all human being. In the future it is more than important that not only the production of renewable energy, like wind and solar will increase, we also need to implement in our energy system an easy storable renewable energy like biomass. We are your partner to gain this target. Contact us now!

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